A huge shout out to the community of Sullivan Panorama!

Our 2023 community garage sale saw over 30 homeowners clear out their garages, make some money and reconnect with their neighbours on a SUNNY and HOT Mothers Day weekend!

A lot of hustle goes into supporting this event … over 100 arrow signs, 50 balloons, multiple posts on craigs list, marketplace, facebook, instagram and door to door flyers!

Thanks for coming out Sullivan!

This event serves the community in so many ways …

Objects are gifted a second life and stay out of the landfill.  Residents get a chance to chat with their neighbours and meet new friends in the community.

And … we use the event as an excuse to collect food items for the Surrey Food Bank  … this year we donated two carloads of food and $200 in cash!

Way to go Sullivan Panorama!

Check back in January for the 2024 event date.


It’s What We Do.