Being a realtor means you’re on-the-go from showings to open houses and meetings, which also means a lot of travel is required. Driving from location to location may become dull after a period of time with little entertainment to keep you awake and interested in your daily commute. An easy way to make your car rides more engaging is podcasts.

Kevin & Fred’s Next Level Agents Podcast

Kevin and Fred are some of the best in the real estate industry. They offer honest advice that is worth a listen if you need some tips regarding real estate or simply some inspiration for your next career steps. These podcasts consist of a mix of personal advice and guest interviews, and never cease to provide motivational, insightful, and innovative information that is easy to digest for any real estate professional. 

Caravan Confessions

If you’re looking for a good laugh, Caravan Confessions is a great way to liven up your long travel hours. Eric Simon of The Broke Agent, incorporates humour in his storytelling that are hilarious and at most times, bizarre. From personal experiences to stories from various realtors around the world, this is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for possible situations in the future while constantly being entertained by his witty humour. Check out Eric Simon’s Caravan Confessions podcasts for honest and unfiltered opinions that will never bore you. 

Hack the Entrepreneur

Hack the Entrepreneur is a great choice if you’re currently or thinking of starting your own real estate business. Jon Naster is a business strategist that offers compelling insight in Hack the Entrepreneur. Although not a real-estate specific podcast, Hack the Entrepreneur presents business advice for entrepreneurs facing various obstacles, while also integrating useful input for working with clients. As a realtor, you’ll definitely receive beneficial tips for working in the industry. 

There’s no escaping the commutes as a realtor. So why not make that time useful? Podcasts are a great way to learn new lessons in an engaging, insightful way. Maximize and entertain your time with these suggested podcasts. 

Photo by Mohammad Metri on Unsplash