Four Reasons Selling Your Home in the Winter is a Good Idea.

With snow on the ground and more to come this week listing your home in the winter might seem like a crazy idea.  Here are four factors that may change your mind …

  • Low Supply.  You might remember from Econ 101 the relationship between low supply and high demand.  During winter months, homes on the market are at a cyclical low.  Sellers who were trying to sell in the fall have now sold or taken their home off the market.  In addition, few people are listing their home preferring to wait till spring when the garden is green again.  This leaves little options for buyers to choose from.  Translation?  Less time on the market.
  • Serious Buyers.  The only buyers making the effort to consider homes in the winter are serious buyers!  Few looky-loos want to be navigating snowy roads or wet weather to visit an open house.  For sellers there is nothing more frustrating than taking the time to prepare your home for showings – multiple times- just to be told the family that viewed have yet to sell their current home or get pre-approved for financing.  Translation?  Less stress.
  • Stronger Sale Price.  The combination of low supply, serious buyers and a strategic listing price could lead to an optimal sale price for your family.  When buyers are faced with limited options they tend to act more aggressively when they find a home that will suit their needs.  If you and your realtor have taken the time to position your homes asking price thoughtfully, buyers will act faster and pay more and to secure a home in low supply conditions.  Translation?  More money.
  • Market Instability.  Real Estate Markets are cyclical.  One can never be sure how market forces will behave in a given year.  If a move is imminent – and market conditions are stable today – listing now removes the insecurity associated with “timing the market”.  Translation?  Reduced risk and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Taking into consideration all the above, winter just got a whole lot warmer!  Thinking of selling?  Book your free, no obligation home evaluation today.  Visit our website and click HERE

Photo by Teddy Kelley on Unsplash

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