Does Your Realtor Do This? A guide for the public.


This is the perfect time of year for professionals to reflect on how they can elevate their game.  Here are some of the skills and services we feel the public should be able to count on when working with a realtor.

Client Satisfaction First.  Above all a realtor has not done his or her job if a client’s needs have not been met.  Does your realtor take the time to discover what is most important to you, then do what it takes to keep those needs top of mind?  Does he or she spend less time talking and more time listening?  Does your realtor clearly communicate how they plan to meet your needs?  There are a lot of different business models out there so you need a realtor who can clearly explain what he or she will and won’t do and why.

High Ethical and Moral Standards.  Once can never take good manners and etiquette for granted.  Those who personally understand the golden rule – treat others as you hope to be treated – bring an innate sense of honesty and fairness to their professional practice.  If your realtor does not personify this professionalism, it’s time to find a new realtor.

Area and Industry Expertise.  Realtors who specialize in an area and/or property type bring a heightened insight to their clients that an an out of area simply could not.  Knowing the area and the product well ensure you will be made aware of specific nuances that can potentially influence your transaction.  Further, you can trust realtors committed to learning, growing, gaining accreditation and honing their craft will bring a level of excellence to your home buying or selling experience, others could not.

Clear Communication.  Some of us believe communication is everything!  A realtor must educate, explain options and answer questions clearly. Clear communication prevents false expectations, unnecessary disappointments and brings clarity to the transaction for both sides.  Successful communication is the realtors responsibility.  If you don’t understand, your realtor has failed.

A Good Attitude and a Respect for Colleagues . Have you ever caught the local realtor trash talking their competition?  There isn’t anything more unattractive than a service provider slamming the competition while blowing their own horn.  Professionals are confidant, humble and generous in their praise of others. You want your realtor to leave you feeling uplifted and encouraged every time you interact with them.

Conflict and Risk Management.  Unexpected conflict and risk can arise in a real estate transaction.  Good realtors understand the types of conflict and risk inherent in the transaction and discuss these with you at the start of your relationship.  Similarly, when an unexpected conflict presents itself you realtor must be available to respond swiftly with full disclosure of all possible solutions.

Standardized Procedures, Systems and Limits. Organization is paramount!  A basic real estate transaction includes a long chain of actions that can be managed ahead of time using checklists and systems.  This type of efficiency ensures your needs will be met in a timely manner and your responsibilities are understood well in advance.  Also important to consider is your realtors scope.  How large of a geographic area does your realtor work?  How many areas or product types does your realtor claim to have expertise in?  Realtors who understand their own limits serve you best by providing a hyper focus and a higher standard of care, thus customer satisfaction.


Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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