Good People.

Great Results.

The Jenn and Colin Real Estate Team is a family brand. Originally from Vancouver and Richmond respectively we moved to Surrey in 2003 and haven’t looked back. We lived in the Sullivan Panorama area for 10 years before moving to Ocean Park in South Surrey where our son now goes to school. We were licensed to practice real estate in 2005 and have since been annual members of the Fraser Valley Medallion Club consistently performing in the top 5% of all realtors in the Fraser Valley.

While we are proud of our professional accomplishments we are most proud of our personal dedication to service within our community. We work hard to support our local schools and PACS to help support families. We contribute to local sport, athletics and recreation to help foster active kids and healthy communities. We LOVE to host events that connect our community in a meaningful way.

We recognize real estate is built on people and our “two heads are better than one” approach is straight up and honest so our clients always know what to expect when working with us.

From the moment you list till the time you hand over your keys Colin’s sales pitch free, easy going style promises to help you de-stress pricing strategies, legal documents, offers and negotiations while Jenn’s over prepare attitude promises constant communication, feedback and stats that keep you in the loop throughout the sale process.

So whether you’re a growing family looking for more space for your kids (and all their stuff!) or looking to simplify your life with a bungalow by the beach – you don’t have to explain what you want – we just get it!

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