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Selling Your Home in Sullivan-Panorama and South Surrey

Jenn and Colin know what buyers in Sullivan, Panorama and South Surrey want and they give it to them! Staging and home prep, professional photos and print, social media exposure and sexy write ups that will make your buyers fall in love! 

Jenn & Colin's Marketing Campaign:

  • Staging Tips and Tricks: We start here, working with what you got (and sometimes what you don't) to get your home "red carpet ready".
  • Professional Wide Angle Photography: Lighting and angles show your homes best side to help your listing stand out in a crowd.
  • 360 Virtual Tours: 360' moving images help buyers take it to the next level, imagining themself living the lifestyle your home can offer.
  • Property Description: Who knows your home better than you? You give us the scoop and we add the secret sauce.
  • Online Launch: We share all your homes best features with the web. The MLS service for realtors, Realtor.ca for the public, JennandColin.com for the community and Remax local and global websites cast a wide net to reel in your homes potential buyer.
  • Social Launch: An absolute must in today's market of digital natives, your home goes social with direct to consumer marketing on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.
  • Print Launch: Our print campaigns are relentless. We market your home in flyer form to homes in and out of your community throughout the life of your listing, not just upon launch. Plus we provide 4 page full colour feature sheets from list to sale your homes custom brochure.
  • Realtor Launch: The MLS system notifies Realtors of new listings 48 hours prior to public websites like realtor.ca ... and .... As soon as we submit your paperwork for processing over 300 Remax Realtors in our 3 local offices will receive an email that features your homes new status.
  • For Sale Signs and Arrows: We plant signs throughout your neighbourhood to get the neighbourhood influencers talking to their social networks about the hoods hot new listing.
  • Showings and Open Houses: Always tailored to your schedule and lifestyle we customize a plan for showings and opens that allow you to get the kids to school and back home in time for dinner ... We get it ... The show must go on!
  • Constant Communication: Consider us your new BFF's. Call, text, email, carrier pigeon .. Whatever works best in your world expect constant feedback that keeps you in the loop from list to sale.

The Jenn and Colin Marketing Campaign allows you to relax knowing your home is standing out so you can focus your energy on the things that matter ... Like telling the kids!


Have any questions? Jenn & Colin are here to help find the answers.

We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to ask about the community, real estate or even the weather :)