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Training Your Dog to be a Good Neighbour

A new dog is a wonderful addition to your life but not necessarily for your neighbors. Fears, concerns, and misbehavior can put off the people around you. It’s up to you to take the lead to help your dog be a good neighbor to everyone. Even the most affectionate dogs must be trained on proper etiquette for dealing with those around them. Here are some areas where you can guide your dog into better behaviors.


Meeting New People


How will your dog handle meeting new people? Depending on their age and history, some dogs might need a little extra coaching and care. First, make sure that the person they are meeting knows how to interact with a dog to prevent any problems. For example, teach them not to raise their hands about your dog’s head and to let your dog sniff them.


It’s also important to train your dog before meeting strangers and new friends. Make sure he can obey your commands so that you can calm him if he gets too excited. It’s off-putting when an unfamiliar dog jumps on you, so work on this behavior before meeting someone.


Next, make sure your dog is in the right mindset to meet someone else. One of the many tips that Chewy.com recommends is to keep things casual and relaxed when introducing your dog to friends. If he is sick, anxious, or provoked, the event will not go well. However, if your dog is in a good mood, keep him on the leash when meeting new people.


Meeting the Vet


Another challenge with a new dog is meeting the vet for the first time. The experience can be scary, especially for a puppy, so prepare your dog ahead of time. Get him used to how the vet handles a dog by examining paws, hands, teeth, etc. Be gentle. This is a good practice that will also help you take care of him when he gets sick.


When selecting a vet, you want to get a recommendation from someone you know and trust. Make sure the doctor and his staff are calm and friendly so your dog feels welcome. When visiting the vet, it’s also important for you to stay calm. This article at the Spruce Pets has in-depth advice on how to get your dog to love the vet.


Meeting Other Dogs


It’s important to train your dog to respond appropriately to other dogs, no matter how they are behaving. Your dog may feel threatened or over-excited around them. Just as with humans, make sure your dog is in the right mood to meet other dogs. Best Friends recommends finding a neutral place to meet and allowing the dogs to cross paths a few times before making introductions. If that does not go well, you don’t want to go any further. 


Dog Park Safety Tips


As for where to meet other dogs, a dog park is usually a safe spot. Make sure you follow these safety tips before taking your dog to the park:


  • Vaccinate your dog to protect other dogs.
  • Use ID tags on your dog so he does not get lost should you get separated.
  • Supervise your dog at all times to keep him out of trouble.
  • Clean up any messes he leaves behind. If you see other dogs leaving a mess, Woman’s Day has some guidance on how to politely handle this.


Read more about how to introduce your dog to animals in general at Animal Planet.


It’s not difficult to teach your dog to be a good neighbor, but it does require planning, training, and determining a good time and place to meet.Follow these guidelines to help your dog become a welcome neighbor.


Written by:  Aurora James ... thank you Aurora!

Photo cred:  https://unsplash.com/photos/qoVhdDKzWT0 


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