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The “How To” on Hiring a Realtor for your Family


This may come as a surprise to many people but realtors are not exactly the most respected group of professionals in Surrey (GASP).  Just Google any of the most recent Globe and Mail articles and review the comments section (UGH).


You can be sure there are a gazillion reasons for this general sentiment as it seems everyone and their kitchen sink has a license to sell real estate … so it goes without saying the barriers for entry are low.  As a result many realtors simply don’t know what they are doing and way too many of our friends and neighbours have been an eyewitness to the tragic consequences.


Incompetence aside …


In our opinion one of the biggest hurdles the skilled realtor must face is to overcome the public lack of awareness of our value so in our world It is hugely important clients can trust they are getting a good return on their investment and are aware of the hallmarks of a skilled realtor;  communication and negotiation skills, specialized market knowledge, marketing expertise and legal awareness … these skills separate the pros from the amateurs.


Here are some things to think about when interviewing your potential real estate pro …


Does the Realtor work with a top-notch, high profile Real Estate Company?

Does the realtor specialize in your area?

Does the Realtor work with a team?  How many listings does the Realtor carry at one time?

Does the Realtor have a trusted brand and a trusted reputation with past clients, the community and their colleagues?

Does the Realtor have a written marketing system?

How many ways will the Realtor expose your home to the maximum number of potential Buyers?  Print, Online? Social? Office?

Does the Realtor have a sharp looking internet / web presence?

Will the Realtor hire a professional photographer for photos and virtual tour?

Will the Realtor create a list of your home’s special features for use in all marketing media? 

Will the Realtor market your home to their colleagues and peers and how?

Will the Realtor provide ongoing market activity reports?  (So at all times you know of all new listings and sales in your area.)

Will the Realtor give you regular feedback and comments after all showings?


Don’t find yourself posting on the comments page of the Globe and Mail 


… If you answered NO to any of the above … RUN!


Have any questions? Jenn & Colin are here to help find the answers.

We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to ask about the community, real estate or even the weather :)