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Selling our Sullivan Station Home

After 8  happy years we are selling our beloved home.  Plans have changed and our vision for the future no longer includes … us in our 30’s, 2 kids, 2 dogs, a nanny, a large home and a half acre of glorious land.  Now it looks something more like … over 40 (hanging in there), 1 kid (barely), 1 dog (now of senior years), day care (here and there), and a small and simple home on as small and simple a lot as possible! 


But the biggest reason we are moving is because we can no longer give our home and property the TLC it deserves.  As much as we love our home … we would rather be at the beach.


The majority of our sellers are families with kids so we have always been highly empathetic to the rigors of selling a home with children in residence.  In addition, Colin and I have bought and sold a few times in our 14 years together … but just like becoming new parents … nothing quite prepared us for the experience … like the experience itself.


Here are some of the things we learned along the way:


Keeping your home clean with kids is really, really hard!  We know better than anyone to get your home sold in a timely manner it must be immaculate and in order for every showing …  based on our new selling with child experience … we now understand this task alone is enough to make some re-think their entire plan.


Fitting showings into your parenting schedule is really hard!  Even 24 hours notice for showings and all the quick clean up tips and tricks we offer to our clients could not help us keep naptime/dinnertime/bathtime and bedtime on track. 


No one cares about your selling with child woes!  When we sell a home we implement as many measures as possible to ensure requests for showings are followed through with an actual showing but stuff happens and frankly buyers are not thinking about what sellers go through to prepare for a showing when they decide to cancel … for whatever reason.  The adrenaline highs needed to whip around the home cleaning and organizing while trying to get your kid (and dog), slept, dressed, fed and out the door were sadly sometimes met with crushing lows when the buyer or their agent would cancel ... usually just as we made our messy exit.


Everyone knows your business!  I have to say that until now we have truly taken for granted that maximum exposure really means maximum exposure!  We always met inquiries about our sale with enthusiasm and good humour but it is a really strange feeling when people who don’t know you approach you with questions about your asking price and/or details of your offer(s) or when a stranger knocks on your door (when your standing in your underwear) to see if he can view your home.


Be sad, but do it later!  This home has many special memories for us.  We were married here.  We brought Lucas home from the hospital here.  We have put down roots in this community and made lifelong friends here but all of these memories and their accompanying emotions had to be pushed aside during the sale process.  When the sign went on the lawn it became clear I could not allow myself to reflect on the emotional implications of selling and at the same time trust myself to follow through.  When we got word our buyer had removed their conditions and the sale was firm it was a hugely bittersweet.  Sweet relief that we would not have to clean again - EVER! (just kidding) and bitter sadness around the thought of moving our little boy out of the only home he has known.


We learned so much more this time around and we are super excited about our new adventure but what is truly serendipitous is our new level of respect for our clients … our families who sell .. love you guys!




Thinking of moving your family?  Call us … we can help!


Have any questions? Jenn & Colin are here to help find the answers.

We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to ask about the community, real estate or even the weather :)