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How to Hire a Realtor. 4 Tips. Sullivan Panorama South Surrey Realtor | Real Estate


Did you know 48% of first time home owners would switch realtors the next time they needed to buy or sell a home? 


Or, the majority of home buyers and sellers select their realtor based on expertise in their neighbourhood, complex or building, rather than a referral from family or friends?


Are you in search of your areas real estate expert?  In search of a realtor who is just the right it for your family?


Here is how to find a realtor who is everything a realtor should be.


1.  Look around your neighbourhood for the realtors who are doing most of the work.  This means SOLD signs on lawns or flyers advertising SALES right in your hood. 

One of the biggest mistakes we see are out-of-area-realtors representing buyers or sellers in a market they are unfamiliar with. If a realtor doesn’t understand current conditions in your area they are doing you a huge disservice by representing you.  Supply, demand, what’s hot, what’s not and the nuances of how to price and launch a listing - or make an offer on a listing - is highly area specific.  Only those working in your area every day will be aware of how to best serve your needs.


2. Interview Multiple Realtors.  There are huge variances in how realtors work.  It’s important you understand those variances to be sure you select a realtor who can meet or exceed your expectations of service and expertise.  Personally, you want a positive rapport with a realtor who reflects you, your family and your lifestyle.  Professionally, you want to ensure a realtor has systems in place that guarantee organization, execution and professional standards.


3. Experience matters.  What kind of experience does your realtor offer in terms of geographic areas and property types?  … does that experience line up with your selling or buying needs?  Important questions to ask include: 

How long have you been in the business and do you have a second job?  You need someone fully committed to your needs with no distractions. 

Where do you work and what do you sell?  

How many deals do you do a year?  Good agents work over 30 deals a year.

What are your listings average days on market?  Your average listing-to-selling ratio and your listing to selling price ratio?  Professional realtors will know their stats and rankings.

Are you part of a team or working alone?  This is important in terms of ensuring service consistency and flow.


4. Communication is everything!  The biggest complaint we hear from clients who have worked with other realtors in the past is the lack of communication provided during their realtor-client relationship.  Selling or buying a home is a huge undertaking on every level.  Unless your realtor takes the time to show you what they are doing to sell your home, providing you with timely and honest feedback at every opportunity and ensuring they are highly responsive to your needs … most people will be shopping around for a new realtor the next time they need to buy or sell a home.


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