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How Dog Owners Should Search For A New Home | Surrey Realtors | Surrey Real Estate

You’ve got a big move planned. Whether it’s just to a new place here in town or a cross-country move, you still have to find a place that’s a good fit for your family.


But when your family includes a dog, things can get a bit tricky. While you look for the right school district for your kids, you also need to worry about what’s best for your pet dog. It starts by thinking about how new home and neighborhood will work with your canine pal.

The Right House and Neighbourhood

What should you look for when picking a new home?  When it comes to your dog, you need to worry about the house and the neighbourhood its in.

For the house, you need one that’s the right size for your dog. That includes the yard, but don’t forget about the square footage inside. A large, active dog in a small place can easily get frustrated and stressed.


You also want to check with your your homeowner association as well as the city and county. Many will ban certain breeds and sizes of dog, and you don’t want to waste time finding the perfect house where your dog isn’t welcome.


The Animal Humane Society has a great resource online. Here, you can search different types of houising that are pet-friendly to help save you time and hassle.

Getting Through Moving Day

Once you’ve found the right place and neighborhood for your entire family, it’s time to get packing. However, this can be a very stressful time for a pet dog since they don’t understand what moving means.


As moving day comes closer, you also want to prepare an overnight kit for your dog. You’ll also want to contact your current vet for medical records and find a new one where you’re moving. Both can help you get through the chaos of moving without worrying about your pet.


On moving day, your best option is to contact Rover.com and set up dog boarding with a sitter. Your home will be a whirlwind of activity on moving day, and having your dog around will only create stress for everyone there. This is not a kennel! Instead, your dog will spend a day or two with a 5-star sitter at their home. Then you can pick up your pet after the move is done.

Turning The Place Into A Home

As you bring your dog to your new family home, things will be confusing for your dog. Sure, they’ll be excited at first as they explore all the new rooms and yards. But as the night falls, they’ll be wondering why they’re not at home. That means you have to help your dog acclimate to the new place.


Petfinder has a great article on helping your dog adjust to their new home. Some of the tips include:

  • Keep with a regular schedule of feeding and walks to provide some familiarity.
  • Let your dog out more than usual so they have time to figure out where to go to the bathroom.
  • Make sure to spend extra time playing with your dog. With everything confusing going on, they’ll look to you for some stability and love.

You Can Find The Right Home

It’s never easy finding the perfect home for your entire family, but it is possible. Start by making sure your new home and neighborhood will welcome your dog. Try a dog sitter for moving day, and then spend some time with your dog so they know everything is alright. This can go a long way into turning a place into a home for everyone.


Written by Jim Vogel from Elderaction.org




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